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“Success is not final, failing is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”

Sir Winnston Churchill

Banking relationships

Lirainvest supports his clients on banking relationship. It’s purpose is a functionality account and the possibility to customize it according to the needs of the client through bank services and entrustment line and insurance matching products. 

Payment tools

Discover the freedom to purchase in Italy and abroad through a wide offer from Lirainvest: credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards (you can choose the right one for you). Innovative payment solutions by which you can purchase using technologies like Contactless, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Garmin Pay.


Through his financial partners Lirainvest provides customized loan solutions for any kind of project, big or small.


Possibility to invest in different kind of markets (asset class) – stock market, bond market, flexible market, money market – through italian and international mutual investments funds, distributed by Lirainvest. Advanced and flexible policies distributed by Lirainvest, created for patrimonial planning and for planning your future and the future of your family. They combine the financial investments potential with typical advantages of life insurances.

Protection policies

The insurance Company of Lirainvest group, IBC, provides many kind of solutions about your life projects. This is possible because of insurance coverage made for protecting people, properties and patrimonies.

Pensions products

Through complementary pensions you can save an extra capital, aside from public pension which will grant a lifetime income right after the retiring age. In this way you can keep your life standards, including all fiscal advantages of providential products.