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“When we accept all the problems given to us the doors start to open”.

Zakaria Moufid.

Family Consulting

Lirainvest is the personal consultant we envisioned for you. He is like a ‘saving doctor’ and if you need you can contact him and he will help you manage your account and your investments.

The Family Consulting program is a professional assistant perfected in his skills with Lirainvest with whom you can always find the right solution.

Lira Center

You can call always call our Lira Center. You will find more than 100 consultants ready to answer all your questions. They will help you in any practical way. They are all competent and prepared and work for Lirainvest: together, by phone, you will make all your transactions.


Simplicity, clarity, speed: our website is like us. You can enter by a click and you can easily find a lot of tools for tracking your activities.

Lira Voice

The TOLL FREE number 700.107.107 connects you with an auto responder ready to give you information and help 24/7. If your hands are busy or if you are moving or if you are in a hurry you can speak and select by voice the feature you need.


When you make an investment you should be peaceful. For that reason we will help you planning your investment in a clear and transparent way, keeping you away from emotional reactions and helping to choose the best for you and your family. After many years of financial consulting we have elaborated our own strategy by adopting a policy of maximum prudence, which is proposing you to choose among 5 different models:

Time diversification: Split the investments according to time. Short, medium or long term, depending on your goals.

Title diversification: Investing everything in one direction is never the right approach. The more you diversify your wallet the less are the risks of losses and oscillations.

Geographic diversification: Spread your investments in different world areas. In this way you will raise the security and you will gain in performance.

Diversification by growth potential: If you want to have the best results in the  long term you have to invest in markets with high growth potential and on new companies.

Financial tools diversification: use different investment tools in order to keep stability, according to your life needs.