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“Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”

Henry Ford.

Sustainability is an integral part of Lirainvest value and culture. Our goal is to generate added value to a new business model through commitment and responsible business management. All this takes form in: attention and centrality of the client, employee management, the way of approaching the environment and the development of the community where it is located.

The awareness that the success will grant a better future for the next entrepreneur’s generations.

Letter from ceo

Sustainability represents another step on the path of awareness, the responsible business role and the effort we put to work in an ethical way, respect for people and nature.


The topics shown by matrix are the result of analyzing the main aspects chosen as important by stakeholder and strategic priorities for Lirainvest Group.


On September 25th 2015 United Nations approved the Global Agenda for sustainable development and the 17 Goals (Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs), articulated in 169 targets to be reach by 2030.

The Agenda implementation requires a strong involvement from all the parts of the society, from business to public and philanthropic institutions, from universities and research centers to cultural and media.

No Poverty

Practical content: financial inclusion.

Microcredit: making agreements with foundations and diocesan associations for solidarity in the field of assistance and charity in order to support people with dept problems, protecting them against usury. The agreement consists in finding and distributing credit to people below the poverty line so that they can face emergencies.

Basic Account: dedicated to disadvantaged groups, results in the collaboration with Banca d’Italia, ABI, Poste Italiane and payment services associations.

Actions for clients and partners in troubles.

Collaboration with foundations and associations: especially the collaboration with Lirainvest Onlus which support projects for underprivileged children. Supporting and collaboration with ONGs (es. Mediolanum Aproxima).

Good Health and well-being

Practical content: human resource protection.

Inclusive business welfare policies active towards Work-Life Balance, for personal wellness. We already started many projects and services for partners like nurseries into the business and other extra activities as sports, athletic and culture.

Quality education

Practical content: support for the Community.

Activities developed by “Centodieci” put human resource at the center making events all around Italy, training and experience sessions kept by people and guests close to Lirainvest, one online magazine with all the news from Centodieci and a cultural sharing blog with articles about technology, innovation and cross values.

Affordable and clean energy

Practical content: energy and climate change.

In order to promote an environmental culture inside the business, the Group created an initiative so that any child’s birth from the employees will be given the chance to support the ‘green’ project called Treedom.

That is a special plant capable of producing 3 kinds of energy at the same time: electric, thermic and cooling energy. This particular plant has generated something like 35.69% of the energy needed for heating and cooling (partially) our facilities on 2017.

Inside our 2016 May 2nd “Policy & procedure for using, managing and assigning Company cars” the vehicles listed there have limits for CO2 emission and kilometers covered. The possibility to choose among hybrid, alternative, electric and low environmental impact is the main factor at the moment of carpool renewing. 

Industry, innuvation and infrastructure

Practical content: business innovation, responsible finance & SRI Investments.

“Riparti Italia” initiative: loans for private buildings remodeling inside the tax relief program about sustainable constructing, normal buildings remodeling, actions to prevent earthquake risk and energy re-development.

Innovation Function for generating new value and spread the innovation culture.

Responsible consumption and prduction

Practical content: purchase and use of sustainable products.

Paper consumption reduction initiatives. Recycling & Waste Management.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

Practical content: Corporate Governance, business identity & responsible business.

Lirainvest is active in the war against any kind of corruption, both private and public, as per definition from the National Law which implements the ONU  Convention against the corruption, the penal Convention of Strasburg about corruption and the Guide Lines OCSE. Lirainvest use a prevention model as per law dlgs. 231/01. An important part of Lirainvest internal normative is the “Policy against laundering and terrorism founding”.


Combining the materiality analysis with the Group business model has been possible to individuate the 5 pillars on which Liargroup make his sustainable business.