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“The difference between having a strategy and success is having a clear vision, being active in investing, fast on the take up, taking action”.

Zakaria Moufid


We provide quality sustainable investment solutions and our goal is to reach quality results. We want to bring a change in the market. We are open for the development in: technology, luxury, food and Made in Italy.


For us providing financial freedom means granting customized answers to families through simple and innovative technological solutions, and giving complete and reassuring financial solutions built on transparency. Identity concepts become concrete values, daily and in every activity.

I nostri valori


Lirainvest business politics come from the concept of flexibility, carry in on a traditional role model that is updated with the times, adopting new technologies and innovations. On the job there is mutual trust between colleagues, full transparency and reliability towards the company and all the parts involved, daily.


Human health protection and respect for the environment are the guide lines for our way of working; we manage our facilities by using sustainable approach to water, raw materials, supply, and renewable resources; we care about our environmental impact by reducing emissions, reducing waste and adopting a proper waste management system..


Main reason for our success is the meticulous way by which we choose high quality raw materials, being aware of the codes relating to their origins, harvesting and manufacturing. In a world where attention for safety matters is growing faster we address our research strategy and our produce investments towards making high quality products, directing our efforts on having the best indexes about investment and net incomes.


Moufid family created the Quantica Foundation operating in social and cultural fields. This foundation is based on using and investing on zero-impact energy sources, with the goal of improving the way of life of developing countries. Particular attention towards the children and towards politics which preserve the environment and the human being.



Lirainvest business model has been made to satisfy any intrinsic and extrinsic demands from each Client. The client can choose how to “use his” bank with the help of numerous communication channels, deciding about timing and the way he relates to. Lirainvest provides products and services to the families in a simple and easily accessible way, because family is the main target. Lirainvest provides clients a total saving management assistance program according to our products and services. Lirainvest doesn’t just sell products but also provides solutions. This principle allows us to operate in different business fields of the financial services, with competence and flexibility, in order to properly face all the economical, financial, legislative and fiscal changes. Investment strategy comes from a deep study on international markets and from competences in investment managing, by which it is possible to keep the risks low.